Sea wall artist for Oceans is an urban art project which reflects on walls of different cities around the world, the current situation of Oceans.

This project features the most recognized urban artists to paint big walls which represents environmental situations lived in the oceans and doing so, they want to involve in the same space, art, nature and communities.
When a project like this starts in a city, is done given the name of the festival, which aims to involve the society to promote a sense of pride and ownership of the walls and at the same time, to highlight the importance of keeping the balance of local marine ecosystems. During the process of this festivals, the interaction of youth with context is highly supported with activities such as workshops, cleaning of beaches and other educative actions which are considered as a key point to achieve a positive impact on communities.

In Mexico, a print was already left and in the last visit of Culture Revista to the coast city of Cozumel, our lens witnessed the cultural and artistic legacy that project leave to the city. Besides of the tourist attractions you can find in Cozumel, we recommend to rent a bike and ride through the cultural expressions showed on the walls. If you want to see more of this project, check our video and posts on our social media (facebook & Instagram)

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