Thousands of paintings cans, stencils, good music and outstanding exhibition of talent shown by International artists were more than enough to transform boring and plain walls into an outdoor museum on the south west side of Bogota.

Here, as in many other cities we get used to same urban scenery; another brick on the wall, another car on the street, another factory on the city, another day to work.
Every morning from monday to friday, in the streets of Puente Aranda, one of the industrial areas of the city, workers, informal sellers and people in general spend most of their time working in different ways to catch some money back to home. On the way, the only thing people get distracted with, are the huge lines of cars in traffic jams and the old walls of factories with some scribbles.

Still the traffic jams are a common element of this location, but two months ago the urban scenery started to change; Different streets now are seen as art gallery’s rooms. Acid yellow, deep black and live red dance on the most visible wall of the firts section.
Next section, shows the kind of graffiti that generates most critisim but at the same time the one that is seen in the whole city. Is the highest level of Tag, here the name of the artist is complemented with more details and some times with abstract characters, a real exercice for the human eye.

If you continue the visual trip, in the next section black faces over white background will smile at you at the same and that your eye will get trapped in another dimmension made of curious cats, psicodelic guitarrs, confused lizzards and wild characters. dozes of pure realisim.

Stuff like this happen when wiil and actions are combined with a common vision. Transform the context to improve the interaction of people with it,  is a continuos process that has started thanks to the alliance between Secretaria de Cultura, Ideartes, Vertigo Graffiti; whom created the Festival Internacional de arte Urbano in which worldwwide guests and local talented artist take over the murals of the city.

Taking advantage of the cicle-lines y cicle-paths on this location, the idea is to implement tourist routes around the murals. Right now in Culture United we are working to organize the #graffitibiketour (comming Soon)

What a better way to observe urban art than riding a bicycle?