What Is pushing us to travel? To leave behind everything, family, friends, party, city life?
What is pushing us to follow that adventure? Are we running away from what we called “reality” or are we just looking a new perception of so called ” reality” ?
What is behind of that inner desire of exploring the world?
Are we looking to Know new faces, other cultures, languages or do we want to find ourselves o ” others”?
This is the story of Pablo García, a middle class Argentinian who riding a bike, decided to cross the non existing lines which divide countries and continents.
” Some cultural and lingüístic barriers can only be overcome with honesty ” that’s precisily What pablo show us in his trip That started more than 10 years ago and still goes On the route. This ride started in africa as he declared because “the hardest should be confonted with out delay when the body Is still yoUng and the blood levels of imprudence and ignorance are still elevated. “
His story is full of challenges, encounters with others and with himself. He shows the way of how tO Go from the Comfort zone to New adventures. He is accomplishing his dream and he is Not the kind of Hippie backpacker, neither the great marine with survivor techniques. His Bike is not the most expensive one, is not GW, it doesn’t have shimano accesories. He is not sponsored by Red Bull, Adidas or Gopro. even his parents didn’t back him up. In the most difficult times, this Gaucho never gave up. He Just keep smiling and looking forward.
I like to think that for him, his bike was the proper tool to get on the TRIP. He could Travel around by plane, by motor, bike or even by car but it wouldn’t give him the chance to be recognized by others as the traveller. The Wisdom tribes from Africa wouldn’t teach him the típs of how to fix properly punctures in a tire, how to get food from the deep of the land or how to valué the meaning of water in a continent where génerosity is more than a gesture of solidarity.

Pablo’s adventure also has a romantic side; In europE, there were not just 2 wheels spinning around the road. By that time 2 Bikes were Riding just as in any love story; Pablo found his lady. They rode togehter 24/7 during one year and then their routes took different directions. Once again This guy had to write the story by his own.

We are just spectators on his own journey, on his inner journey. But is worth to learn from it. Check it more on……
www.pedaleandoelglobo.com. www.theworldbybike.com