Getsemani is one of Cartagena’s most famous neigborhood not just because the live music you can enjoy in every corner, the variety of restaurants or the hostels but the culture expressed through street art on the walls. This area has grown culturally because the rustic paintings that make every house or building an outdoor museum, a must see attraction if you are looking for the soul of the caribbean sea.

Walking around Getsemani, I found affordable accommodation, excellent live music scene, and artistic community spirit. Such elements makes this part of the city a place to explore in deep to have a better understanding of what they called “the costeno experience”. The street art in Getsemani is an open book rooted on the caribbean style.
here is a bit of the Graffiti quest, vibrant colors captured for you to have a taste of Caribbean street art.

“Del amor y otros demonios” Title of is piece of street art found on the streets of Getsemaní.



Boxing which is one    of the most popular sports in Cartagena, is also represented on the walls.


Local bird, the Grackle can be found on the trees or on the walls…

The most iconic figure in Caribbean literature, Mr. Gabo, has his own spot on the walls

Social and political views are also exppresed on the walls.

This is Joe Arroyo, although he past away years ago, his musical legacy is still on the road. His salsa songs are played all the time on bars and party blocks.

Getsemaní is located just 5 minutes walking from Cartagena’s historic center.

Ph: BigFish